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וו | vav | hook
vav is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet - it is also the work for hook. The letter and the word are pronounced the same way, and the spelling for both is repeating the letter twice.
The letter itself has a rather hook-like character too, that there is probably the etymology of the word. Somethings are simple after all…
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ה - הדרן | Hadran - encore
The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ה - pronounced: ‘hay’
another instance of fifth letter translation correlation… although ה is more often used as an ‘h’ as it is an aspirated sound.
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E - is for exclusion
הדרה | hadarah | ה - is also the fifth letter in the hebrew alphabet as E is in the english
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D is for Darkness
חשיכה\hasheha - both ‘h’ sounds are guttoral
 like dark is for darkness hosheh\חושך is for hasheha\חשיכה
these were taken with my Holga lens for the dslr on the eve of passover
Happy holidays
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ג - גרעינים
Gimmel - the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Gariinim - literally seeds, but could mean any type of seed or nut, mostly roasted for eating.
Photos from the Machane Yehuda Markets in Jerusalem on Friday.
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C is for Childhood
ילדות/Yaldut from ילד/Yeled/child
in the background is my kindergarten and the stairs I used to descend on my way there as a child. In the bottom right hand corner of the photo there used to be a mulberry tree; a huge thing, in season full of fruit. One of my earliest memories is picking mulberries on the way to kindy.
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 ב - זה בית
Bet - is for Bay’it
in translation: a house or home.
There are 4 photos here, 3 of them are of a house in the village of Beit Zayit (house of olives), and one is a ruin of a house in Sataf, an ancient Arab village across the valley from Beit Zayit.
Interestingly in Hebrew there is no distinction between house or home. You can simply use ‘the’ and the possessive pronoun שלי/sheli (mine) for making it your home.

The Creative Life of Orr: B is for BraveryGvoorah / גבורה in hebrewThe Anemones are in flower,...



B is for Bravery

Gvoorah / גבורה in hebrew

The Anemones are in flower, as I mentioned last week, they paint the green fields with spatters of blood. Amongst the spiky weeds of the Judean hills, these soft petals so vividly red, lift the heart in the mists of winter.

Just as…

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A is for Almond blossom
Shkediah / שקדיה in Hebrew.  Shaked / שקד is the almond and Shkediah is for the blossoming tree.
The Almonds are blossoming in the hills of Jerusalem this time of year, and today is my birthday. Throughout my childhood the almond blossoms would augur my birthday. This year I have returned to the landscape of my childhood, working at the village I grew up in and living in an adjacent one. Everyday I take a path through the hills on foot to get to work and look at these trees and wonder at the years that have gone past.
In Japan, they take time out of their lives to observe the Sakura - the cherry blossoms. I have never seen the Sakura in bloom, but I do wonder why we don’t take the time in Israel to observe the Shkediah.
This photo is an overlay of three different photos taken on my walk to work, or back, on different days and at different times over the past 2 weeks.
I have designed a letter bar at the bottom of the photo to indicate the letter currently explored and highlighted also the first letter of the translation to Hebrew. This way I hope to simplify the process of going through the two alphabets for us all. Please note the little arrows at either end, reminding you that as English is written left-to-right, Hebrew is written right-to-left. Therefore ש is the penultimate letter of the alphabet, just as A is the first.
I think A is for almond is a great place to start.
Welcome to the Creative Life of Orr :)
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Photo: Orr Niv
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Haifa beach
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Photo: Orr Niv